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Celebrating Fifty Years: 1959 - 2009

CAL50 Symposium

The Power of Language in a Diverse Society

This symposium featured a distinguished panel of scholars discussing the powerful role played by language in our society.

Learn more about the presentations in the symposium, accompanied by video and PowerPoint presentations.

Photo Gallery
View and download photos from the event.

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small reception photo-01

small reception photo2 small reception photo3
small reception photo4 small reception photo5 small reception photo6
small reception photo7 rhodes5-R1-040-18A-sm photo small reception photo9
small reception photo10 small reception photo11 small reception photo12
small reception photo13 small reception photo14 small reception photo15
CAL50-DCEvent-02-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-03-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-04-sm photo
CAL50-DC-Event-05-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-06-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-07-sm photo
CAL50-DC-Event-08-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-09-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-10-sm photo
CAL50-DC-Event-11-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-12-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-13-sm photo
CAL50-DC-Event-14-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-15-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-16-sm photo
CAL50-DC-Event-17-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-18-sm photo CAL50-DC-Event-19-sm photo
CAL50-DC-Event-20-sm photo CAL-events-176-sm photo CAL-events-184-sm photo
CAL-events-187-sm photo CAL-events-188-sm photo CAL-events-193-sm photo
CAL-events-198-sm photo CAL-events-199-sm photo CAL-events-203-sm photo
CAL-events-205-sm photo CAL-events-208-sm photo CAL-events-209-sm photo
CAL-events-212-sm photo CAL-events-215-sm photo CAL-events-221-sm photo
CAL-events-228-sm photo CALDC-Event-sm photo Reception-036-sm photo
Reception-037-sm photo Reception-039-sm photo Reception-047-sm photo
Reception-053-sm photo Reception-055-sm photo Reception-056-sm photo
Reception-074-sm photo Reception-141-sm photo Reception-142-sm photo
Reception-145-sm photo rename-sm photo rename2-sm photo
rhodes5-R1-028-12A-sm photo rhodes5-R1-034-15A-sm photo rhodes5-R1-036-16A-sm photo
rhodes5-R1-040-18A-sm photo  

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