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1980 - 1989
CAL Events Date U.S. and World Events

GlobeCAL offices opened in Bangkok and Manila refugee camps Arrow


U.S. foreign-born population reaches 14.1 million

Refugee Act

GavelLau Regulations Arrow

Book OpenDirectory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs published Arrow


Amendment to the Adult Education Act

GavelCasteñeda v. Pickard Arrow


Plyler v. Doe

Refugee ChildrenRefugee Service Center and Orientation Resource Center created to meet the needs of emerging refugee populations.


A Nation at Risk decries school quality, sets stage for school reform movement

Office of Refugee Resettlement funds Mainstream English Language Training (MELT) project

Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) prototype developed

BEST TEST BOOKLETBasic English Skills Test (BEST) Launched Arrow


Teacher and Student at ComputerCLEAR (Center for Language Education and Research) work on language and content integration Arrow


CAL presents American Dialect Recordings to Folklife Center at Library of Congress


U.S. Capital BuildingReauthorization of the Higher Education Act

NNELL LogoNational Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL) Begins. Arrow

Original Two-Way Immersion directory published.

Foreign Language Survey Publication CoverFirst National K-12 foreign language survey conducted.


NCLE LogoNCLE Opens Arrow


National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education Opens.


Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

Berlin Wall

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