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January 17, 2013

Project Update


The CREATE team is pleased to announce the launch of an archival website that makes available information and downloadable resources from the CREATE project.

The revamped website provides an overview of the multi-year program of research and describes individual research projects and a school-wide CREATE intervention. The website also includes summaries and resources from annual CREATE-sponsored conferences and provides access to publications and resources, including the downloadable CREATE Briefs and lesson materials.

With the end of this important 7-year project, the website is now considered historical in nature and will no longer be updated.

View the enhanced CREATE website.

PreK-12 Professional Development for Teachers of English Language Learners

New CAL SIOP Professional Development Manual coverPrinciples to Practice Approach for ELL Success
From technical assistance to professional development, from curriculum development to program evaluation, CAL can work with you to design a solution to meet your specific needs, help you improve your teaching skills, and support the language learners in your classroom or community. Learn more.

CAL 2013 Institute Schedule in Development
CAL will continue and expand its successful series of institutes in 2013, including teaching reading to English language learners and Hot Topics in ELL Education.

Watch our website for the 2013 professional development institutes schedule.

Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Services From CAL
CAL collaborates with schools and districts to design and conduct SIOP professional development programs that meet their particular needs. Informed by CAL's ongoing research, our experienced CAL SIOP team can provide a range of services, including SIOP workshops, coaching, site visits, and technical assistance, to create a sustainable SIOP professional development plan. CAL also offers professional development in the SIOP Model for adult language learners. Visit our website to learn more

New CAL SIOP Professional Development Manual coverUsing the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction, 2nd Edition
This updated and expanded professional development manual is designed to assist teacher educators, staff developers, and leaders at the school, district, and state levels as they prepare teachers of English language learners to use the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model or its adapted version, the Two-Way SIOP Model. By incorporating these instructional models in their classroom, teachers can improve the language proficiency and grade-level content knowledge of their linguistically and culturally diverse students. Learn more.

Arabic Resources

Tools for Rating Oral Proficiency

COPI's logoA Computer-Based Test of Oral Proficiency Available in Modern Standard Arabic
and Spanish

CAL developed the Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument (COPI) as an alternative to the audiotape-mediated Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI). The COPI is a computer-based, semi-adaptive test of Modern Standard Arabic or Spanish oral proficiency intended for high school juniors and seniors, college students, and professionals. Learn more.

COPI's logoMultimedia Rater Training Program (MRTP) Now Available in Modern Standard Arabic
The MRTP is a computer-assisted professional development tool that serves as a companion to the COPI, described above. The MRTP teaches professionals to rate oral proficiency according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, using over 190 authentic language samples from the COPI. The MRTP is also available in French, German, and Spanish. Learn more.

Hot Topics logoArabic Oral Proficiency: A Guide for Students
This free online tutorial helps high school and university-level students of Arabic understand and improve their oral proficiency. It teaches students how oral proficiency is rated according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines so that they can self-assess and set language learning goals. The tutorial features authentic examples of students speaking Arabic at different levels, tips and resources to improve oral proficiency, and student descriptions of their experiences being assessed and then using their Arabic to communicate abroad.
View this new online resource.


EHLS logoEnglish for Heritage Language Speakers - Developing Professional Proficiency in English
The English for Heritage Language Speakers (EHLS) program is an intensive program of study for adults who possess native ability in a critical language and want to achieve professional proficiency in English. Conducted by CAL in partnership with the Georgetown University Center for Language Education and Development and sponsored by the National Security Education Program, the program gives participants the English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills they need to succeed in professional positions in the federal government.

The 2013 program iteration began on January 7, with a total of 20 scholars representing 10 different language backgrounds: Arabic, Balochi, Igbo, Kyrgyz, Mandarin Chinese, Pashto, Persian Farsi, Turkish, Uzbek, and Yoruba. The intensive portion of the program, January through June, will culminate in a formal symposium held at Georgetown and attended by federal agency representatives. At the symposium, scholars will present the outcomes of research they have conducted in English and their native languages on topics of interest to the government.

Visit www.ehlsprogram.org for more information.


Bilingual Community Education and Multilingualism coverBilingual Community Education and Multilingualism: Beyond Heritage Languages in a Global City
This book from Multilingual Matters explores bilingual community education, specifically the educational spaces shaped and organized by American ethnolinguistic communities for their children in the multilingual city of New York. Through a rich variety of case studies, this collection examines the various structures that these communities use to educate their children as bilingual Americans. Learn more.

 coverFoundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 5th Edition
The fifth edition of this bestselling book from Multilingual Matters provides a comprehensive introduction to bilingualism and bilingual education. In a compact and clear style, its 19 chapters cover all the crucial issues in bilingualism at individual, group, and national levels. Learn more.

Teaching Vocabulary to English Language LearnersTeaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners
This publication offers a comprehensive plan for vocabulary instruction that K-12 teachers can use with English language learners, including research on best practices, classroom activities, and sample lessons. The book also addresses the likely effect of the Common Core State Standards on vocabulary instruction for English learners. Learn more.

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