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CAL's Mission
Improving communication through better understanding of language and culture.

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Resource Corner

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Among the populations that CAL serves today are

  • language educators of children and adults who are learning foreign languages and English as a second language;

  • immigrants and refugees in the United States and the agencies that provide services for them;

  • schools and school districts in need of curriculum development, professional development, and assessments;

  • students at all levels who are investigating language-related questions; and

  • policy makers who need information about language and culture to address the important issues of the day.



About CAL

Our Mission and Values

CAL carries out a wide range of activities to accomplish its mission of improving communication through better understanding of language and culture. The Center for Applied Linguistics

  • Promotes and improves the teaching and learning of languages

  • Identifies and solves problems related to language and culture

  • Serves as a resource for information about language and culture

  • Conducts research on issues related to language and culture

CAL also has a set of core values that guide all of our endeavors and help us focus our efforts more effectively.  These values are outlined below and reflect CAL's strong commitment to making a difference.

  • Languages and cultures are important individual and societal assets.

  • All languages, dialects, and cultures deserve to be respected and cultivated.

  • Multilingualism is beneficial for individuals and society.

  • Effective language education should be widely available.

  • Accurate information should be the basis for policies and practices that involve language and culture.

  • Language skills and cultural knowledge should be valued in work situations.

  • Language and cultural differences should not be an obstacle to personal or group success or well-being.

Learn more about CAL.

We invite you to browse our Web site to learn more about our research, projects, services, and resources that support our mission and reflect our values.