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American Educational Research Assocation (AERA) 2009 Annual Meeting

April 13 - 17, 2009 San Diego, CA
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Districts with Emerging ELL Communities: Demographic Change and Capacity Building Challenges in Rural Districts
District administrators in emerging English language learner (ELL) communities face challenges that require a comprehensive response if ELL students are to be able to succeed. Yet, as one administrator notes, The main block is not knowing what to do. . . . The change has been so incredibly rapid. These districts face three challenges: understanding ELL students, understanding how to respond to rising ELL enrollments, and adapting to the pace of change with often very limited resources, without local access to specialized expertise. Analyses of enrollment data in three states document the pace of change many rural districts experience, and interview data indicate stages in capacity- building that represent different perspectives and needs in serving ELL students.

Presenters: Annette M. Zehler
Date, Time and Location to be determined

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