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East Coast Organization of Language Testers (ECOLT) 2012 Annual Conference

November 2-3, 2012
Georgetown University
Washington, DC
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Stakeholder Feedback in the Design of an Online Student Assessment Resource
This poster describes the collaborative development of an online tutorial designed to introduce Arabic students to the principles of oral proficiency assessment. Feedback on the tutorial was elicited at multiple stages from stakeholder groups of learners and instructors to ensure efficacy for users and meet project objective of increasing student understanding of standards-based assessment. By illustrating the development process and the final content of this tutorial, the poster examines how assessment knowledge considered foundational by language testers can be presented in a platform that is informative and appealing to learners at the high school and university levels.

Presenters: Francesca Di Silvio, Jacky de la Torre

Self-Assessment in the L2 Classroom: Validation Results and the Impact of Learner Self-Assessment Training
The research described in the current paper reports on the convergent validity of a triangulated assessment system designed to compare objective and subjective indicators of learning outcomes for lower-level language learners. Participants were students in grades 9-12 who were enrolled in Arabic, Chinese and Hindi short-term foreign language programs (45 programs total, n=1150 learners). The three assessment tools included: (1) a computerized proficiency test, (2) a student self-assessment instrument and (3) a teacher assessment of student instrument. Results will include the reporting of correlations between the three assessments instruments as well as the outcomes of Rasch rating scale/mixed-scale modeling.

Presenters: Margaret Malone, Anne Donovan


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