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Past Presentations

East Coast Organization of Language Testers (ECOLT) 2007

November 2 – 3, 2007
The Cloyd Heck Marvin Center
George Washington University
Washington, DC
Visit the ECOLT 2007 Web site.

Teacher input in high stakes assessment
(poster session)
Teacher input in high stakes tests creates a shared responsibility for educational outcomes and promotes research relevant to the real-life challenges of classroom teaching and assessment. Because teacher input provides a practical perspective on assessment, such feedback can guide test developers to improve assessments and training products. This presentation described the role of teacher input in revising an online training course for administrators of the ACCESS for ELLs Speaking Test, a K-12 test for English Language Learners.

Presenters: Meg Montee, Meg Malone, and Breana Bayraktar
11:30 – 1:15, Room 402

Assessment Literacy and Language Instructors: Past, Present and Suggestions for the Future
The term assessment literacy refers to educators knowledge and understanding of assessment. Given the current relevance of assessment in education and the prevalence of high-stakes testing, it is more important than ever that language educators make informed assessment decisions. This paper reported on the gaps between formal knowledge, training, and practices in language assessment from historical and contemporary perspectives. The paper also reviewed current efforts to build assessment literacy among educators and teachers.

Presenters: Meg Malone, Colleen Gallagher and Meg Montee

2:15 – 4:15, 3rd Floor Ampitheater.

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