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Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference

April 2-4, 2014
San Diego, CA
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Promoting Oral Proficiency Gains in Education Abroad Through a Programmatic Intervention
This session will present and discuss results of a three-year study investigating structured training designed to promote oral proficiency gain in education abroad homestay placements. Host families in semester-long programs in Peru, Chile, China, and Russia were trained in strategies to increase meaningful conversational exchange with students (n=30/language). Analyses of ratings, transcripts of oral proficiency tests, and recordings of student- family conversations examine student language gains compared with a control group of students whose families did not receive training (n=20/ language). Surveys of students and host families explore what participants believe was effective about the training and the homestay experience.

Presenters include: Francesca Di Silvio, Anne Donovan, and Margaret E. Malone


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