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Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) 2012

April 1 – 5, 2012
Hyatt Regency Princeton
Princeton, NJ
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Assessment Literacy Across Applied Linguistics
Knowledge about language assessment is important for applied linguistics researchers and practitioners across a variety of contexts. This work in progress session will discuss the results of a multi-year project that examines the assessment literacy needs of practitioners in two fields, Second Language Acquisition (SLA) researchers and professionals who work in Language Teacher Education (LTE). During the work in progress session, researchers will discuss the results of focus groups with these target groups and planned project developments and facilitate a discussion about collaboration between language testers and practitioners in diverse disciplines.

Presenters: Margaret E. Malone, Francesca Di Silvio, Megan Montee

Developing a Computer-Mediated Spanish Academic Language Assessment for Young Bilinguals
The Illinois State Board of Education, in a partnership with a large multi-state consortium, was awarded an Enhanced Assessment Grant from the U.S. Department of Education to develop Spanish Academic Language Standards for students in grades K-12 and an accompanying standards-based, computer-mediated assessment for students in grades K-2. This presentation describes the current status of the development of Prueba Óptima del Desarrollo del Español Realizado (PODER) assessment and the challenges related to developing a computer-based assessment of academic Spanish for this age group.

Presenters: David MacGregor, Dorry Kenyon

Investigating Effective Strategies for Teaching Assessment Literacy to Instructors of Less Commonly Taught Languages
This work in progress will present preliminary findings from a study of assessment literacy of instructors of less commonly taught languages. The study described in this WIP provides insight into how to cultivate assessment literacy by tracking the progress and depth of understanding of course participants over time. Presenters will discuss effective strategies for fostering assessment literacy in LCTL instructors and elicit feedback from attendees. Finally, implications for additional assessment and training resources that may be needed will be discussed.

Presenters: Aileen Bach, Anne Donovan


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