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Midwest Association of Language Testers (MwALT) Annual Conference

September 21, 2013
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
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Authentic Assessments: Surveying the Needs of Language Researchers and Teacher Educators
Focus on the assessment literacy of teachers has grown in recent years, as research suggests that an understanding of principles and best practices in assessment is fundamental for teachers (Inbar-Lourie, 2008; Malone, in press; Popham, 2009; Taylor, 2009). Less commonly researched is the question of why and how assessment literacy might be important for other language professionals, including second language acquisition researchers and language teacher educators. The present study attempts to fill this research gap by ascertaining the assessment needs of these two stakeholder groups and identifying areas on which future assessment education could focus. This poster describes survey results and details the reported assessment uses and needs of each group. It additionally makes suggestions for future research and ways in which assessment support and education could be provided for these key stakeholders in language learning in order to contribute to authentic assessment practices.

Presenters: Victoria Nier, Meg Malone


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