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National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) 2011

April 14 16, 2011
San Francisco, CA

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Dynamic Partnerships Among Chinese Teaching Institutions, Including Confucius Institutes, Community-based Schools, and K-12 Schools
Through two presentations, this session will address the importance of partnerships and articulation among various Chinese teaching institutions.

The first presentation will focus on a successful partnership between a Confucius Institute and a community-based heritage language school. This collaboration benefits both institutions in terms of promoting Chinese language and culture locally, offering teacher professional development, and arousing students’ motivation to learn Chinese.

The second presentation will focus on partnerships between K-12 public schools and community-based heritage language schools. It creates a short-term solution to address teacher shortage issues in K-12 schools by utilizing teachers from community-based heritage language schools who are interested in teaching Chinese at public schools. It also provides a long-term opportunity for K-12 public schools to gain Chinese culture learning experiences through the culture activities offered at community-based heritage language schools.

Presenters include Na Liu


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