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National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) 2012

April 11 14, 2011
Washington, DC
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Understanding Assessment: Resources for Chinese Language Educators
In this workshop, participants will learn about different kinds of assessments and how to choose an assessment that fits their purposes. Topics include the differences between formative and summative assessment; how to interpret test results; and how to apply information gained from assessments to teaching. Presenters will also discuss research on instructor assessment knowledge and practice. The workshop is organized around practical questions participants have about assessment and will feature real-life scenarios from Chinese classrooms, as well as hands-on practice. Presenters will discuss resources for Chinese language educators and encourage participants to identify their assessment needs and share best practices.

Presenters: Meg Malone, Francesca Di Silvio, Aileen Bach
April 11, 2012, 1:00 4:00 pm

K-8 Oral Proficiency Assessment Familiarization Workshop
Participants will become familiar with the Center for Applied Linguistics K­8 assessments: the Early Language Listening and Oral Proficiency Assessment (ELLOPA) and the Student Oral Proficiency Assessment (SOPA) through interactive presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on practice with the ELLOPA and SOPA and rating rubrics. The presenters will use materials specifically designed for teachers of Chinese including videos of ELLOPA and SOPA in Chinese, Chinese SOPA and ELLOPA proficiency tasks and rating rubrics. Participants will gain an understanding of the ELLOPA and SOPA and will come away with ideas for creating both formative and summative assessments for their program.

Presenters: Lynn Thompson, Na Liu
April 12, 2012, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Trends and Best Practices in Chinese Language Assessment K-16
Participants will learn about trends and best practices in Chinese language assessment and discuss implications for their own program or classroom contexts. Classroom assessment can provide insight for foreign language instructors on how to improve teaching and learning, and can also be used for program advocacy, improvement, and expansion. Presenters will discuss the Center for Applied Linguistics' innovative Chinese language resources, including computer and face-to-face assessments, as possible models for assessment. Participants will learn how these assessments align with best practices in foreign language instruction, and will explore their applications to multiple contexts, from kindergarten to adult education.

Presenters: Lynn Thompson, Na Liu, Aileen Bach


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