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National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) Annual Conference 2012

April 26 – 29, 2012
Madison, WI
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Promoting Oral Proficiency Gain in Study Abroad
This paper describes the methodology and preliminary results of a study investigating the effects of an in-program intervention designed to optimize oral proficiency gain in study abroad homestay placements. Host families in semester-long programs for Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic language are trained in strategies to increase meaningful conversational exchange with their students (n=30 in each target language). Results of quantitative and qualitative analyses explore student language gains compared to a control group whose families do not receive such training (n=20 in each target language).

Presenters: Francesca Di Silvio, Aileen Bach, Margaret Malone

Teaching Assessment Literacy to Instructors of Less Commonly Taught Languages: A Research Study
This paper presents findings from a study on changes in assessment knowledge of K-16 LCTL instructors resulting from a hybrid online and face-to-face proficiency assessment training course. Analysis was conducted on pre- and post-course survey responses and assessment tasks developed during the course, and course instructors recorded observations of participant learning. Data indicate that participants (N=29) developed increased awareness of the utility of aligning assessment with instruction but demonstrated gaps in applying some concepts to actual assessment development. The paper proposes strategies for improving future proficiency assessment training to meet LCTL instructors’ unique needs.

Presenters: Aileen Bach, Anne Donovan, Megan Montee


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