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Spanish in the US 2009 Conference

February 19 - 21, 2009
The Biltmore Hotel/The David William Hotel
Coral Gables-Miami, Florida, USA
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Resources for Teaching Spanish to Hispanic Bilingual Students in the United States

Teachers of Spanish classes for Spanish speakers need information and resources to guide their instruction. This session gave an overview of the US context in which the language education of Spanish speakers takes place. We then reviewed the information that teachers of Spanish speakers need and sources of that information. Finally, we reviewed the resources available to teachers, provided a list of selection criteria, and suggested ways to promote information and resource sharing in the field. The session included time for discussion and suggestions for promoting information sharing.


Joy Kreeft Peyton, Center for Applied Linguistics
Ana Roca, Florida International University
Ana Maria Schwartz, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Adriana Val, University of Maryland Baltimore County

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