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Past Presentations

TESOL Academy 2007

June 23 - 24, 2007
Boston, MA
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Using Standards to Guide Content-Based Curriculum Development for ELLs (Workshop)
Presented by Dr. Betty Ansin Smallwood and Judith B. O’Loughlin.

Standards-based curriculum is critical to quality instruction. Curriculum development for ELLs should integrate academic language and vocabulary with content concepts. Participants learned the key components of curriculum planning, addressing both English language proficiency and content standards. Participants also used the TESOL Pre-K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards along with their state standards for ELL curriculum development.

In this workshop participants:

  • practiced using the core components of content-based curriculum for ELLs;
  • learned how to integrate language and content standards into curriculum units;
  • learned how to use matrices to develop curriculum units; and
  • developed and shared a sample curriculum unit, using the matrices.

Intended Audience: Grades 6-12 ESL teachers, sheltered content teachers, and mainstream content teachers, ESL specialists, and program coordinators. Teams of grades 6-12 content and ESL teachers are encouraged to attend together, along with a district ESL specialist or program coordinator, if possible.

Note: Participants were encouraged to bring copies of both their state English Language Development Standards and state content curriculum standards, as well as sample instructional materials to make their planning more practical. Massachusetts participants were also encouraged to bring the English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes [ELPBO].

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