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Two-Way CABE 2012 Conference

June 27-30, 2012
Newport Beach, CA
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Fostering Linguistic and Cultural Equity in Two-Way Immersion Programs

Promoting equity is the hallmark of two-way immersion. In this session, participants will learn how practitioners can cultivate an environment at the school and classroom level where English and the partner language have equal status and ethno-linguistic diversity is actively valued, and will reflect on equity in their own programs.

Presenters include: Julie Sugarman

Two-Way Program Models: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

Designing a TWBI program involves prioritizing and trade-offs, especially when scheduling language allocation by subjects and time in 50/50 models or grades. Participants will explore factors that influence program design, the interrelationship of program components, and possible impacts of program design on outcomes, and will reflect on critical questions that can help focus program planning or the evaluation of established programs.

Presenter: Julie Sugarman


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