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Assessment - Listening Comprehension

Components of Listening Comprehension

Students talkingIn the BEST Plus assessment framework, listening comprehension refers to how well the student understands questions posed in conversation and answers appropriately. When measuring a speaker’s skills in this area, it is important to consider questions such as: How well does the student understand spoken English in different settings and on different topics? How often does the student need to hear speech repeated in order to understand the speaker? How often does the student misunderstand what is said?

Video Examples

The videos below feature students demonstrating different levels of listening comprehension. As you watch the videos, keep in mind the questions described above and consider the level of listening comprehension of each examinee.

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Video Clip 3:
Where do you live now?

This clip features a student who does not demonstrate listening comprehension.

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Video Clip 4:
What job would you like to have?

This clip features a student who demonstrates listening comprehension.

Note: These video clips were filmed during live administrations of the BEST Plus oral English language proficiency assessment and are used with permission of the examinees and test administrators.

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