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BEST Literacy

BEST Literacy is a combined test of reading and writing skills using authentic situations as the basis for test questions. Specifically developed and designed for adult English language learners in the United States, BEST Literacy can be administered to groups or individuals in one hour or less. BEST Literacy is aligned with the ESL descriptors of the National Reporting System and the Student Performance levels.

Form DReading tasks include reading dates on a calendar, labels on food and clothing, bulletin announcements, and newspaper want ads.

Writing tasks include addressing an envelope, writing a rent check, filling out a personal background form, and writing personal notes.


The BEST Literacy Test Manual is designed to provide all the information needed to administer and score the test, including a rubric with clear benchmarks for scoring the note-writing tasks as well as many student samples with scoring explanations and justifications. BEST Literacy is available in three parallel, consumable forms (B, C and D) for pre- and post-testing. Learn more about how to administer BEST Literacy.

To learn about the appropriate uses of BEST Literacy, read the BEST Literacy Test Usage Policy.

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