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BEST Plus Test: Three Delivery Formats

What are the delivery formats for BEST Plus
BEST Plus is available in three delivery formats: two CD-ROMs, one USB or as a network version.

What are the differences between the three delivery options?
The BEST Plus test is the same on all three delivery options. The BEST Plus USB and network delivery versions have enhanced management software and features and do not require CD-ROM drives to run the program.

In addition, the BEST Plus network version allows organizations to run, administer, and access the BEST Plus test and Score Management Software from any computer on the organization’s local area network.


How is the BEST Plus Test: USB version different from the CD version of BEST Plus?

The actual test and test questions are the same, but you no longer need administrative rights to run BEST Plus (though they are required for installation). You also do not need to have the USB drive connected to the computer to run BEST Plus as the test runs directly from the hard drive.

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Does the BEST Plus Test: USB version run from the USB drive?

The program is installed on your computer and all data and test administrations are saved to the computer’s hard drive.

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Are my test administrations saved to the USB drive?

No. Test administrations and test data are saved to the computer’s hard drive.

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Are my test scores saved to the USB drive?

No. Your test scores are saved to the computer’s hard drive but you can make a backup and save copies of the score reports to the USB drive using the Score Management Software.

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Can I still use the red BEST Plus Test CD?

Yes. You can still use the red BEST Plus Test CD (and the black Practice CD) if needed as both versions will access the same scores database.

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During installation, an unidentified program wants to access my computer. What do I do?

Click “allow” and follow the prompts for installation.

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The installation program wants me to “upgrade” BEST Plus. What does that mean?

If you have been using the CD version of BEST Plus, the USB version needs to make some changes to the software already installed on your computer in order to run. You will not lose any student data or test administrations during this process.

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I received a “Fatal Error” during installation. What do I do?

This means the BEST Plus Test: USB version has already been installed on your computer. You will need to go to C:\Program Files and delete the BEST Plus folder and run the installation program again. You may lose student data as a result.

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I am getting an Authorware runtime error.

If you are running Windows Vista or 7, make sure the shortcut has been properly configured following the installation instructions (see steps 8 through 10).

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Can I use the BEST Plus Test: USB with Clean Slate, Deep Freeze, or other similar types of software?

The BEST Plus Test: USB cannot be used while protection software programs are running. These programs prevent the BEST Plus test program from saving student records or test administrations to the hard drive. We recommend that your local technical support staff contact the makers of the protection software you are using to find out how you may be able to save to the hard drive while the protection software is running.

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When I start BEST Plus, which CD do I choose: the red or the black?

To administer BEST Plus, to score the print-based version, or to access the Score Management Software, click the red CD icon. To practice or to conduct the training workshop, click the black CD icon.

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