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BEST Plus Test: USB


BestPlus USB pictureThe BEST Plus Test: USB is designed to provide convenient USB access to the test while offering advantages to programs who want to move beyond the traditional CD-ROM mode of test delivery.

The BEST Plus Test: USB provides additional flexibility and enhancements designed to make using the test software even easier.

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BEST Plus is administered by a trained test administrator. Test administrators score using the BEST Plus Scoring Rubric to rate listening comprehension, language complexity, and communication. To ensure reliability and validity of BEST Plus, test administrators are required to attend the BEST Plus Test Administrator Training Workshop.

What’s new with the BEST Plus Test: USB

  • Automated Installation – Sets up all the BEST Plus software on your computer.
  • Easier Administration – No administrative rights necessary for testing after software installation.
  • Flexible Use – Install the BEST Plus Test and practice software without a CD drive.
  • Improved Access – Administer BEST Plus Test directly from your computer with or without the USB inserted.
  • Easier Data Management – Export student information and scores to another computer by saving data on the USB.
  • Enhanced Software – Access the BEST Plus Enhanced Score Management Software for easier data management.

Important note: On the opening screen of the USB drive, be sure to click on the red CD when administering the test. The black CD is for practice use only.