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Information For Test Administrators

Assessment Coordinators

Thank you for choosing BEST Plus and/or BEST Literacy for your assessment of adult English language learners. As the test publisher, CAL is available to assist you when using our assessments. For assistance, please contact User Support via email or by phone at 1-866-845-BEST (2378) Monday through Friday 10 am until 4 pm Eastern Time.

Important Reminders
    • All print-based tests and related products, such as the BEST Literacy Scoring Sheets and BEST Plus Picture Cues, should be kept in a secure location when not in use.

    • BEST Plus can only be administered by a trained test administrator and BEST Literacy test administrators should review instructions contained in the BEST Literacy Test Manual  (2008 Edition) prior to administration.

    • BEST Plus is available in three delivery formats: CD-ROM, USB, and Network. Learn more.

    • When using BEST Literacy or the print-based version of BEST Plus a different form of the test must be used when pre- and post-testing. For example, if BEST Literacy Form B is used as a pre-test, then either BEST Literacy Form C or D must be used as the post-test.

    • Only scale scores, not raw scores, are an accurate measure of an examinee’s proficiency level. When using BEST Literacy, each raw score must be converted to a scale score using the conversion tables located in the BEST Literacy Test ManualBEST Plus print-based test scores must be entered into the Score Management Software to generate a score report with a scale score. The BEST Plus computer-adaptive tests automatically generates a score report with a scale score.

    • BEST Plus is also available in a networked version for a one-time setup fee of $3,000. The use of this version eliminates the use of the red BEST Plus Test CD or the need to install the BEST Plus Test: USB on multiple computers, but test administrators must have access to a computer connected to your program’s network during testing. For more information on the network version of BEST Plus, email BEST Plus User Support.

    Useful Links:

    Visit the CAL Store to purchase BEST Plus products online.

    Read instructions on how to activate your BEST Plus test administrations.

    Activate BEST Plus Tests online at any time.

    Download the Enhanced Score Management Software.

    Learn more about the Scoring Refresher Toolkit.

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