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Information For Test Administrators

Recently Trained BEST Plus Test Administrators

Congratulations on becoming a new BEST Plus test administrator. As a new test administrator, it is important that you read and review all the materials in the Test Administrator Guide and the responsibilities contained in the BEST Plus User Agreement, signed by each test administrator after training. You play a crucial role in ensuring that examinees give their optimum performance.

To help you get started, here are some important reminders:
    • Complete 10-20 practice tests with the black BEST Plus Practice CD before beginning testing (the password is mexico and the purchase code is 12345).

    • Practice 10 actual tests using the red BEST Plus Test CD before testing students. CAL provides each newly trained test administrator 10 complimentary test administrations for this purpose.

    • Discuss any scoring or administration questions with an experienced BEST Plus user or email BEST Plus User Support.

    • Read and review the “Welcome E-mail” you received from CAL (click here for a general PDF copy).

    Useful Links:

    Read instructions on how to activate your BEST Plus test administrations.

    Activate BEST Plus tests online at any time.

    Learn about the Enhanced Score Management Software. Download the software by clicking here.

    Learn more about the Scoring Refresher Toolkit.

    Review the Frequently Asked Questions for information on other topics of interests.

    For assistance, please contact BEST Plus User Support via email or by phone at 1-866-845-BEST (2378) Monday through Friday 10 am until 6 pm Eastern Time.