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Information For Test Administrators

BEST Plus Trainers

Thank you for serving as a BEST Plus Trainer.  As such, you play a critical role in ensuring that test administrators have the information and skills that they need to administer and score BEST Plus. CAL currently maintains a list serv to communicate items of interest to BEST Plus Trainers.  If you are a BEST Plus trainer and have not already joined our list serv or if your email has changed, please email CAL to be included in this list serv community.

Important Reminders:
  • CAL strongly recommends that all BEST Plus test administrators, including trainers, should recalibrate their scoring. The BEST Plus Scoring Refresher Toolkit is available for this purpose.

  • BEST Plus training is a 6 contact hour training workshop. CAL’s policy is that the participants should not be absent from the workshop for more than 30 minutes.  The trainer has the discretion to determine whether or not a participant should be approved as a test administrator, based on participant attendance and performance during the training.

  • Each training participant should have a BEST Plus Test Administrator Guide for use during the training. Please contact your host organization’s program administrator immediately if additional materials are needed.

  • BEST Plus trainings can be customized to focus on either the computer-adaptive or the print-based version of the test.  When the computer-adaptive version is emphasized, it is a good idea to encourage test administrators to have print-based versions available during testing in the event of a technological problem.

  • Replacement copies of the BEST Plus Trainer Manual, BEST Plus Training Video, PowerPoint CD, and samples of print-based materials may be obtained at no cost. Please email BEST Plus User Support to request a replacement copy.

  • Within three days after each training, the completed Test Administrator Registration and Evaluation Forms (white copies) should be sent to CAL’s address (listed at the bottom of each form.)

  • BEST Plus training can only be given by a certified BEST Plus Trainer for whom CAL has a signed and current BEST Plus Trainer Agreement.

Useful Links:

Download instructions on activating BEST Plus test administrations online for distribution to test administrators.

Download a training set-up checklist to assist you in preparing for a successful BEST Plus training.

Review the Frequently Asked Questions for information on other topics of interests.

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