Immigrant & Refugee Integration


Each year the United States accepts hundreds of thousands of newcomers, either as immigrants or refugees. Recent arrivals often have very specific language needs, as well as orientation and resettlement needs.

Given opportunity, newcomers become significant contributors to our society, sharing linguistic and cultural assets, as well as innovative ideas, entrepreneurial skills, and drive, all of which make our communities stronger.

CAL has been a leader in refugee education and orientation since 1975. We have been helping immigrant and refugee newcomers understand fundamental aspects of life in the United States, as well as helping service providers and other interested parties understand the backgrounds, cultures, and linguistic heritage of the new members of their communities. In addition, CAL has a long history of conducting research and developing strategies for educational success for immigrants across a wide range of ages and language proficiency levels. Building on this legacy, several of CAL’s projects and resources are designed to support the implementation of programs for immigrant students.

CAL is committed to making longer-term Americans aware of the resources and values brought to the United States by its newest residents. We have a key role to play as discussion of the contributions of immigrants to our society is elevated to a prominent role in our national discourse.

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Cultural Orientation Resource (COR) Center


The Cultural Orientation Resource (COR) Center, housed at CAL, provides technical assistance regarding the cultural and community orientation refugees receive, either before their resettlement in the United States or after their arrival, as well as about their likely resettlement needs.

Bienvenidos Project

CAL provided technical assistance to the National Council of La Raza to provide vital services to NCLR’s network of affiliate organizations.


Connecting Diverse Cultures: A Video Guide for A New Day and Be Who You Are

Connecting Diverse Cultures: A Video Guide for A New Day and Be Who You Are

Developed as a companion to the DVD Refugee Families and Youth in the United States, this informative guide incorporates segments of the video into engaging activities. Connecting Diverse Cultures features practical and effective activity plans designed to help facilitators, teachers, and trainers increase understanding of and appreciation for other cultures and beliefs.

Making Your Way: A Reception and Placement Orientation Curriculum

Making Your Way: A Reception and Placement Orientation Curriculum

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip refugee service providers with an effective and efficient approach to orientation. Orientation is part of a package of mandated core resettlement services provided for newly arrived refugees during the Reception and Placement (R&P) period, a refugee’s first 30 to 90 days in the United States.


CAL supports refugee and immigrant integration through the development of orientation programs for newcomers, their service providers, and other members of their receiving communities. Programs and services can be customized to meet your needs.

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News & Events

Supporting Unaccompanied Children in U.S. Schools - Free Webinar

September 12, 2014

On September 18, 2014, USCCB's Children's Services, together with Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's Services (BRYCS), will offer an overview of the humanitarian crisis regarding the current influx of children migrating to the United States, as well as some of the reasons behind their flight from their home countries.