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Teaching Writing to Adult English Language Learners Discussion May 7-11, 2007

Dear subscribers,

Recently the Special Topics discussion list hosted a discussion about the “What Works for Adult ESL Students” study and several related topics. Archives of that discussion can be found at For years on this list there has been a continuing thread of teachers and tutors sharing instructional strategies and practice (what works) to help learners acquire the English proficiency they need and want.

To continue with this tradition, next week—and beyond—I am asking you to share strategies, techniques, and activities that have worked for you in helping adult English language learners improve their English writing skills. 

May 7-11, Sharon McKay will be facilitating the discussion about what works for teaching writing to adult English language learners.  Below are some initial questions and some background reading.

Questions about teaching writing

      • What ideas or philosophy guide your classroom practice related to writing?
      • What kinds of writing activities do learners work on in your class? What activities have been most successful? What do the learners say about the their writing?
      • How do you integrate writing with the other skills (e.g., reading, speaking, listening) and lifeskills, civics, or academic content?
      • What are some of the challenges in teaching writing and how are you working through them?

Background reading 
Here’s some background articles that may help focus the discussion:

I look forward to hearing how you teach writing in your class or program.

Lynda Terrill

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