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Guest Facilitator for Discussion on Teaching Writing to Adult English Language Learners

The adult ESL content expert described below was a guest faciliators on an electronic discussion that took place on the Adult English Language discussion list, May 7-11, 2007. The discussion list is part of the National Institute for Literacy's Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) and is moderated by staff at the Center for Adult English Language Acquisition at the Center for Applied Linguistics.

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Sharon McKay has a MAT in TESOL from Georgetown University. She has been working in adult ESL since 1985. Sharon has 20 years experience in the classroom as well as extensive work in curriculum development and piloting in workplace ESL, lifeskills ESL, academic transition ESL, computer assisted language learning, family literacy, and alternative assessment and testing. Since the 1980's Sharon has trained teachers locally, regionally, and nationally on variety of topics. She is the co-author of text with video, English Works! (Addison Wesley).