2007 CREATE Conference

Academic Language and Content:
A Focus on English Language Learners in the Middle School

Speaker Biography

MICHAELKLENTSCHY (Ed.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1992) is presently an instructor at San Diego State University – Imperial Valley Campus School of Education, teaching and conducting research on the science-literacy connection, especially for English Learners in K-8 science. He is also part of a university research team studying the longitudinal effects of inquiry-based science programs on student achievement in several locations across the United States. From these research projects, he has authored numerous articles and written several books regarding science education and best practices. His publications include “Helping English learners increase achievement through inquiry-based science instruction”, Summer, 2002, Bilingual Research; “Doing together what neither can do alone,” (1997). Implementing science education reform: are we making an impact? In J. Sandler, and D. Bartels ed., American Association for the Advancement of Science; Using science notebooks in the elementary classroom (in press), NSTA Press.

Prior to his current position Dr. Klentschy served as the Superintendent of Schools of the El Centro School District in El Centro, California, from February 1994 until June 2007. Dr. Klentschy is also currently the Principal Investigator for the Imperial Valley California Mathematics Science Partnership Program. He served as PI on three NSF funded science and mathematics projects and is Co-Director of the California Science Subject Matter Project Regional Center at San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus. Dr. Klentschy also served as Co-PI on several NSF funded elementary science initiatives with CAPSI at the California Institute of Technology. He serves on several advisory boards including CAPSI, National Science Resources Center-LASER, Center for Assessment and Evaluation for Student Learning, and the Exploratorium.


Dr. Klentschy presented Effective Classroom Practices-English Learner Development Strategies in Science at the 2007 CREATE Conference.


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