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Family/Peers/ School and Community

This program cluster examined the contexts of student socialization, including schools, families, peers, and community, in Chicano/Latino, Asian American, Native American, African American, and low-income European American students and communities. The various research projects investigated the effects of family, peers, school, and community on students' learning, academic skills, attitudes towards school, close relationships, and the construction of their educational, vocational, and moral values.


A National Survey of School/Community-Based Organization Partnerships Serving Students Placed at Risk - CAL Project
Carolyn Temple Adger, Center for Applied Linguistics

This study identified essential features of successful partnerships between schools and community-based organizations (CBOs) that support the academic achievement of language minority students.

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CBO/School Relationships in Urban Southeast Asian Communities
Adeline Becker and Francine F. Collignon, Brown University

This project is investigating potential barriers to educational success, especially language, culture, and economic status, affecting Cambodians, Laotians, Hmong, and Vietnamese communities. The research will also identify factors specific to each group-such as educational background, cultural support networks, social organization, and consequences of war in the country of origin-that affect access to health and social services.

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Navigating and Negotiating Home, School, and Peer Linkages in Adolescence
Margarita Azmitia and Catherine R. Cooper, University of California, Santa Cruz

This project investigated how early adolescents coordinate their family, peer, school, and community worlds, how others help or impede such coordination, and how these multiple worlds relate to school achievement. This research explored these issues in at-risk Mexican American and European American students.

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Developing Immigrant Parents' Computer Literacy in Partnership With Students' Learning
Richard P. Durán and Jane Durán, University of California, Santa Barbara

This project trained 70-100 parents of third through fifth grade children with limited English proficiency to manipulate the word processing, graphics processing, and publishing software used by their children in their classrooms and after-school computer club activities. The project documented and evaluated outcomes of computer training on parents and children.

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Peer Group Influence and Academic Aspirations Across Cultural/Ethnic Groups of High School Students
Patricia Gandara, University of California, Davis

This study investigated the structure, formation, and influence of adolescent peer groups across four ethnic groups-Hispanics, European Americans, African Americans, and recent Asian immigrants-from lower income and working class communities in which students are commonly at risk for low academic aspirations and school failure.

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CAL Projects
Four CREDE research projects were conducted at CAL:

  • Two-Way Immersion Education
  • Newcomers: Language and Academic Programs for Recent Immigrants
  • A National Survey of School/ Community-Based Organization Partnerships Serving At-Risk Students
  • The Effects of Sheltered Instruction on the Achievement of Limited English Proficient Students

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Secondary School Newcomer Programs
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The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol


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Two-Way Immersion 101


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Profiles in Two-Way Immersion Education

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