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Practitioner Briefs

CREDE offered a series of briefs designed specifically for teachers and other educational practitioners. These briefs introduced important classroom practices based on CREDE research.


All of the archived briefs below are in PDF format.

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Building Partnerships with Latino Immigrant Parents

Shannon Fitzsimmons, Center for Applied Linguistics (July 2003) (PB #6)


Development and Maintenance of Two-Way Immersion Programs: Advice from Practitioners
Julie Sugarman & Elizabeth R. Howard, Center for Applied Linguistics (March 2001) (PB #2)


Educating Hispanic Students: Effective Instructional Practices
Yolanda N. Padrón, Hersh C. Waxman, & Héctor H. Rivera, University of Houston (August 2002) (PB #5)


Family Visits Benefit Teachers and Families–and Students Most of All
Diane Kyle & Ellen McIntyre, University of Louisville, KY (October 2000) (PB #1)


Nongraded Primary Programs: Possibilities for Improving Practice for Teachers
Ellen McIntyre & Diane Kyle, University of Louisville (April 2002) (PB #4)


Some Program Alternatives for English Language Learners
Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence (September 2001) (PB #3)

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