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Research Briefs

CREDE offered a series of research summaries for educational practitioners, policy makers, and researchers. These briefs highlighted important findings of CREDE investigations and discuss their application in school settings.


All of the archived briefs below are in PDF format.

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Improving Classroom Instruction and Student Learning for Resilient and Non-resilient English Language Learners
Yolanda N. Padrón, Hersh Waxman, Ann P. Brown, & Robert A. Powers, University of Houston (November 2000) (RB #7)


Leading for Diversity: How School Leaders Achieve Racial and Ethnic Harmony
Rosemary C. Henze, ARC Associates (June 2000) (RB #6)


Linking Home and School Through Children's Questions That Followed Family Science Workshops
Maureen Callanan, Consuelo Alba-Speyer, & Harriet Tenenbaum, Univeristy of California, Santa Cruz (December 2000) (RB #8)


A National Study of School Effectiveness for Language Minority Students' Long-Term Academic Achievement
Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence (January 2003) (RB #10)


Observing the Five Standards in Practice: Development and Application of the Standards Performance Continuum
Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence (March 2004) (RB #11)


Scaffold for School-Home Collaboration: Enhancing Reading and Language Development
Ji-Mei Chang, San Jose State University (April 2001) (RB #9)


School/Community Partnerships to Support Language Minority Student Success
Carolyn Temple Adger, Center for Applied Linguistics (January 2000) (RB #5)


Standards for Professional Development: A Sociocultural Perspective
Robert Rueda, University of Southern California (December 1998) (RB #2)


Teaching Language Minority Students in Elementary School
Jana Echevarria (Ed.), California State University, Long Beach (December 1998) (RB #1)


Teaching Secondary Language Minority Students
Jana Echevarria & Claude Goldenberg, California State University, Long Beach (October 1999) (RB #4)


Tracking "Untracking": Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Educational Innovation
Hugh Mehan & Lea Hubbard, University of California, San Diego (July 1999) (RB #3)

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