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CREDE Research Projects Conducted at CAL

Four CREDE research projects were conducted at CAL from 1996–2003. The following provides a brief description. Click on each title to learn more.

Two-Way Immersion Education
This 5-year study of two-way immersion education investigated the language development and academic achievement of students, the professional development of teachers, and the articulation of programs from the elementary to the secondary level.
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Newcomers: Language and Academic Programs for Recent Immigrants
This project sought out, profiled, and examined programs for recently arrived students to U.S. secondary schools and studied their program design and implementation. Learn more.


A National Survey of School/Community-Based Organization Partnerships Serving At-Risk Students
This project identified school-CBO partnerships which included among their goals supporting the academic achievement of language minority students.
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The Effects of Sheltered Instruction on the Achievement of Limited English Proficient Students
This project worked with teachers to identify key practices for sheltered instruction and to develop a professional development model that would enable more teachers to use sheltered instruction effectively in their classrooms.
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Secondary School Newcomer Programs book cover

Secondary School Newcomer Programs
in the United States


The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol book cover

The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol


Two-Way Immersion 101 book cover

Two-Way Immersion 101


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Realizing the Vision book cover

Realizing the Vision of Two-Way Immersion

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