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Ñandu is the listserv for school district personnel, superintendents, teachers, and teacher educators committed to improving early language programs by sharing information and expertise. Staff at the Center for Applied Linguistics manage this list to bring new research and information to you in a timely manner. This information will come from a variety of sources, but YOU are the most important source. Please share your work, ideas, and questions with others interested in early start, long-sequence language programs.

To report problems with the list, please send a message to or to .


Nandu provides members interested in early foreign language learning with a means of sharing ideas and experiences. Please follow a few guidelines to make this listserv a useful and enjoyable tool for all of us.

1. Messages should be related to the topic of the listserv as described above. To post to the list, mail your message to

2. Use SUBJECT headers that accurately describe the content of your posting. If you change the topic in your reply, indicate this in your subject line. Be especially careful if you receive a daily DIGEST and are
replying to a posting.

3. Delete lengthy previous messages in your reply. Instead, summarize the message to which you are replying or include just a brief extract.

4. Remember to sign your message and include school name or location (if appropriate) at the beginning or end of your posting, so that readers know from whom it is coming.

5. Please do not send attachments in your postings. Some members cannot open them, while others are weary of opening unsolicited attachments. If you have something that is too long to be posted, ask interested listserv members to request the document from you outside the listserv.

6. Send personal messages to the individual to whom they are intended, not to the entire list. All Nandu subscribers are very busy, so please be courteous and make sure that you check the TO: line in your message when responding to a post. REPLY will send your message to the whole list and cannot be recalled once it has been sent. You may use FORWARD or SEND and cut and paste the addressee's email address. Depending on your email software, you usually get the poster's email by double-clicking on the FROM line. Be especially careful to avoid "me too" or "I agree" messages that do not add to the discussion.

7. Remember that any LISTSERV commands, which change your user settings (see below), should be sent from your own computer to and not to the whole listserv.

8. Messages of a commercial nature or chain letters are not allowed. If you are in doubt, check with our moderator at .

Thank you for following these guidelines.

Updated 5/6/2006

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