Description and Scholarships

Program Outline

English for Heritage Language Speakers (EHLS) is an intensive program of English language study for adults who already possess high levels of proficiency in another language. EHLS gives participants the English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills they need to succeed in professional positions in U.S. government, business, and industry. Participation in the EHLS program involves six months of full-time, intensive study on the Georgetown University campus, followed by two months of part-time online courses. Read More >

Funder Information

EHLS is a Congressionally mandated program that is funded through the National Security Education Program (NSEP). NSEP provides funding for the development and implementation of the program, and also provides scholarships for qualified program participants. Read More >

Partner University

Georgetown University is the partner university for the EHLS program. Georgetown University provides an intensive program of instruction that combines classroom instruction, tutorials, and experiential learning. Read More >

Application and Scholarships

The Institute of International Education (IIE) manages the application process, the scholarship competition, and the disbursement of scholarship awards.
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