Partner Universities

EHLS university partners collaborate with CAL in program development and provide instruction and support for the program. They meet two basic criteria:

  • They are located in metropolitan areas that have substantial communities of heritage speakers of a number of critical languages, and they have established relationships with those communities
  • They have established intensive English programs and expertise in the development, provision, and evaluation of advanced-level English for professional purposes courses and curricula

All EHLS instruction takes place on the campuses of the university partners. Program participants who do not live near one of these universities must be willing to relocate for the duration of the program.

From 2006 through 2008, Georgetown University and the University of Washington were the university partners for the EHLS program. Each provided an intensive program of instruction that combined classroom instruction, tutorials, and experiential learning. At each, instruction focused on activities that participants would be expected to carry out in the workplace, including meeting participation, presentations, topical research, analysis, and report writing.

Beginning in 2009, the program takes place only at Georgetown University. Limited funding is available to assist with relocation costs for participants from outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Read more >

Visit the Georgetown University EHLS Web site