Qualifications and Application

Language and Technology Proficiency Testing

Applicants who are provisionally selected for admission to the EHLS program participate in language and technology testing that is scheduled by staff at the Center for Applied Linguistics.

Description of the Tests

There are five language tests: English listening, English reading, English writing, English speaking, and native language speaking. In addition to the five language tests, a technology assessment will be administered to all candidates.

  • English listening and English reading: These are multiple-choice tests. The listening test is 65 minutes long, and the reading test takes 2 hours.
  • English writing: This is an essay test that is completed with paper and pen/pencil (not on a computer). It is one hour long.
  • English speaking and native language speaking: These are telephone interviews (called Oral Proficiency Interviews, or OPIs) that take approximately 30 minutes each.
  • Technology assessment: This is a short assessment of familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word. It is ten minutes long.

Applicants must receive a score of 2 or 2+ on the ILR scale on all four English language skills and a score of 3 or better on the native language OPI in order to be qualified for admission to the EHLS program.

Preparing for the Tests

All of the tests evaluate the examinee's general proficiency in the language being tested. Test questions cover general interest topics and common social and professional situations.

There are no sample test materials available for review. The best way to prepare for the testing is to read the newspaper, listen to the news on the radio, and use English and your native language in discussions of current events and in professional contexts.

Dates for Proficiency Testing

Only candidates who have received notification of provisional selection will participate in the proficiency testing. The tests for the 2013 program will take place in Autumn 2012.