Module 5: Impact
Scenario - Business

Yixi is the CEO of a venture capital company that is based in New York and has offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai and London.  She is concerned that newly hired employees from New York may not have the language skills that they need to work in the overseas offices, especially oral and written proficiency.  Yixi forms a committee to discuss the implications of instituting a language proficiency test as a prerequisite for hiring.  The group had a number of concerns about the impact of a possible entrance exam.


Get out a sheet of paper.  Brainstorm a list of concerns that you would have in Yixi’s position.  Then click here to see the group’s summary of the major points discussed.





Positive Washback

When you think about instituting a new testing policy, consider choosing a test that emphasizes what the test-takers can do successfully in the target language.  This will not only give you the information you seek, it will help give the test-takers a feeling of accomplishment and make the test a positive experience.