Module 5: Impact (screen 1 of 4)

Introductory questions

  1. How can I make sure tests are fair for each student?
  2. How can I use test results to inform instruction?
  3. How can I prepare my students for required tests?
  4. How can I use tests positively with my students?

Teaching and testing

Module 5 explores the possible effects of tests and focuses on the relationship between assessment and instruction.  You will consider the idea of washback and think about how instruction and assessment can complement one another in the classroom.


check mark Compare the possible effects of tests on various stakeholders.
check mark Define negative and positive washback and plan ways to promote positive washback.
check mark Incorporate assessment effectively into the instructional process.



Focus on..... Effects

Tests that accurately measure the skills you want to know about and that are used appropriately can have positive results for classroom instruction. A good way to promote positive washback is by keeping assessment in mind as you begin planning for instruction.