Module 5: Impact
Scenario - Secondary and Post-secondary Education

Professor Kwame is the chair of a modern languages department at a small, private college.  Recently, faculty members have become concerned about whether graduating majors have high enough levels of oral proficiency to get jobs using the language.  At the last faculty meeting, Professor Kwame and other instructors discussed instituting a test as a graduation requirement. Faculty members brought up a variety of concerns about the impact of a possible exit exam. 

Get out a sheet of paper.  Brainstorm a list of the concerns you and others might have.  Then click here to see the department administrator’s summary of the major points discussed.

facult meeting notes


What other impact might the exit exam have? What would you recommend if you were Professor Kwame?





Positive Washback

Do you know the criteria on which students will be assessed on a standardized test?  Make a rubric ahead of time and have students assess their peers and give feedback.  This will promote interaction in the target language and also allow students to become familiar with the criteria on which they’ll be assessed.