Module 1: Introduction
Scenario - Government

Jessica works for a department of the federal government.  She is in charge of administering an oral proficiency test to prospective employees.  The results of the test may influence potential hiring decisions as well as salary levels.  All applicants are over 18, most have a college education and some are native speakers of English while others are native speakers of other languages.

Get out a sheet of paper and brainstorm one example each for how the following terms influence the language test that Jessica administers:




When you're done brainstorming, roll your mouse over the picture of Jessica to compare your answers.






Positive Washback

Does your organization or agency offer language classes as well as tests?  An effort to focus instruction on oral skills will help your students show how well they can speak on a test that measures oral proficiency.  This will help them perform well on the test and gain valuable language skills.