Module 2: Practicality
Esmeralda's test methods checklist

Considerations for Test Administration
            1.  Giving the test.  Is it…

    _X_  Individually-administered?

            Given the nature of the company, new employees may not all be hired at the same time,
            and the tests will have to be administered individually.

            2.  Directions, examples, questions, and prompts.  Are they…

  _X_   In English?
            In the target language?
  _X_   Spoken?
  _X_   Written?

            Because all employees must have proficiency in English, for consistency's sake it's best
            for the directions to be in English.  Also, the company is not testing the employees'
            comprehension of the directions, but rather how well they can perform the tasks.

            Since it is a test for general language proficiency, it would be best to test multiple
            language skills.

            3.  Student answers and responses.  Are they…

            In English?
  _X_   In the target language?
  _X_   Spoken?
  _X_   Written?

             The test should assess how well employees can perform in the target language.

             Since it is an overall proficiency test, it would be best to test multiple language skills.

Considerations for Scoring Tests

             4.  Method of scoring.  Does it involve…

  _X_   Counting the number correct?
  _X_   A holistic approach (one overall score)?
            An analytic approach (separate scores for separate aspects of the performance)?

            Answers should be selected, short answers whenever possible.  Due to other job
            demands, the test administrators may not have abundant time to score constructed
            responses on each test.  However, some constructed responses may be necessary to
            understand how well an employee can communicate in the target language and the fact
            that tests are usually given individually means that administrators will have some time to
            score the responses.

            Scores should be holistic.  It takes less time to score and gives an overall picture of the
            employees’ proficiencies, which is what Esmeralda's firm is looking for.

            5.  People and steps involved in scoring.  Is the test…

  _X_   Machine or computer-scored?

            If the test is on the computer, this would save the most time, but some constructed
            responses may need to be scored by hand.

            6.  Location for scoring.  Is it…

  _X_   Local/On-site?

            To save on costs and time, it would be better if each branch of the company administered
            and scored tests on-site.