Module 2: Practicality
Summer's test methods checklist

Considerations for Test Administration
            1.  Giving the test.  Is it…

  _X_   Individually-administered?
  _        Group-administered?

            Because Summer has three teaching assistants who can help administer the test and
            parents who can help out on test days, individually administered short tests would be
            feasible and allow instructors to interact with each student.

            2.  Directions, examples, questions, and prompts.  Are they…

  _X_   In English?
  _X_   In the target language?
  _X_   Spoken?
       _   Written?

            Because Summer has to test both her students listening skills and their speaking skills, it
            will be efficient to give the directions and questions in French, to efficiently check both
            listening comprehension and oral responses.  However, since Summer must test students
            with beginning skills, it may be necessary to give some directions and prompts in English.

            3.  Student answers and responses.  Are they…

  _X_   In English?
  _X_   In the target language?
  _X_   Spoken?
       _   Written?

            If Summer is checking listening comprehension, some student responses may be in
            English.  If she is checking oral skills, the responses should be spoken and in the target
            language, French.

Considerations for Scoring Tests

             4.  Method of scoring.  Does it involve…

  _X_   Counting the number correct?
  _X_   A holistic approach (one overall score)?
            An analytic approach (separate scores for separate aspects of the performance)?

            For listening comprehension, some answers could be selected, short answers, which will
            save time when Summer and her teaching assistants score the results.

            Scores should be holistic.  It gives an overall picture of the students’ proficiencies, which
            is what Summer's school is looking for.

            5.  People and steps involved in scoring.  Is the test…

  _X_   Hand-scored?
            Machine or computer-scored?

            The test will not be long and so can be hand-scored, either during administration or
            immediately afterwards.

            6.  Location for scoring.  Is it…

  _X_   Local/On-site?

            To save on costs and time, it would be better if the test were scored by the teacher and
            the assistant teachers.