Module 2: Practicality (screen 1 of 4)

Introductory questions

  1. What funds are available for testing?
  2. How much do my colleagues know about language testing?
  3. How much time is there for assessment?

Considering the practical issues

Module 2 addresses practical issues relevant to test selection, including resources, classroom characteristics, and methods of administration and scoring.  You will gain an understanding of resources and challenges that factor into planning and implementing a successful testing program.


check mark Consider how available resources of time, money, and expertise relate to decisions about testing.
check mark Explain processes of administration and scoring.





Focus On........... Practicality

In the end, you must be realistic about the resources available to put a test to use.  This will likely help you gain the support of your colleagues and avoid wasted effort.  Such concerns include whether available resources will cover the demands of test administration and scoring in terms of time, money, expertise, and personnel.