Module 2: Practicality (screen 3 of 4)
Testing Resources

When determining which test is best for you, you should think about staff members’ availability for test administration, their knowledge about testing, and what tests they've been trained to administer.  Of course, time and funding for testing programs are also important factors.  The time and money required to administer, score and report the results of the tests varies from test to test.  The web below shows common concerns about resources and provides some examples.

You can find a blank copy of this web in the Forms section of the Resources module that you can use to document the resources available to you.

Taking inventory of your resources and challenges may help you choose a test that builds on your strengths.  Naturally, building upon your strengths when implementing a new testing program is easier than building from the ground up.  In addition, a choice grounded in the practicalities of your situation may inspire greater confidence and cooperation among stakeholders.