Module 6: Putting It Together (screen 1 of 4)

Introductory questions

  1. Do I have the necessary resources for the test I select?
  2. Will this test give me the information I need about my students?
  3. What type of test do I need most?
  4. How can I convince my colleagues that a particular test is right for our students?

Putting it all together

Through this tutorial, you’ve learned about practicality, reliability, validity and impact.  Module 6 furthers your understanding of how to select the best test for your students.

check mark Explain connections between validity and test taker characteristics, purposes for testing and effects of testing.
check mark Define testing needs clearly.
check mark Consider the roles of practicality, reliability, validity and impact in selecting a particular test.



Focus on................ Test Selection

In selecting a test, think about both practicality and validity.  It is helpful to consider your purposes for testing and the effects you want it to have when you are deciding whether a test is valid for your purposes.  In addition, knowing your student population and taking stock of the resources you have can help you define your needs and be a well-informed advocate for the test you select.