Module 6: Putting It Together
Scenario - Non-profit

Now that you have completed Understanding Assessment, you are ready to put your skills and knowledge to use. Throughout this tutorial you may have noticed references to CAL’s Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD).  This online directory of information about foreign language tests serves as a resource to members of the language education community.  With the information from this tutorial, you can evaluate the information in the FLAD and in other published materials to determine whether a test is right for your students.


This example will familiarize you with the FLAD so that you can use it for your own purposes.  Read the example below about Naoko and follow the directions to help her find a test.


Naoko works for an international non-profit interested in preserving historical and environmental sites of interest in Asia, particularly in China, India, and the Middle East.  She is looking for a language test to use when hiring new employees to work with partners overseas.  Please click here to view part of her completed needs assessment.

What tests might be useful for Naoko?  Use the information from her needs assessment to search the FLAD for tests.  You may not find a test that meets all of her needs.  Try searching for a test using some of the criteria listed in the needs assessment.


After Naoko has identified tests which meet all or some of her needs, she has several questions related to practicality, reliability, validity, and impact.


Get out a sheet of paper and brainstorm some questions she might have.  Then click here to view the questions she could discuss with other stakeholders.


Positive Washback

Make sure the test that you use assesses language that employees will need on the job.  This will not only increase the validity of your test, it will ensure that you are able to hire people who have the language skills necessary for their positions.