Module 6: Putting It Together (screen 3 of 4)
Test Selection

Once you’ve defined your purposes for testing, you can search for tests that meet your needs.  The Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD) developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics provides a free, searchable directory of information about foreign language tests.  Colleagues in your field can also be a valuable source of information.  It may also be helpful to check with national, local, or language-specific professional organizations.    

As you go through the process of selecting a test, you might want to gather input and gain support for your choice from your colleagues.  With the information in this tutorial you can be a knowledgeable advocate! 

Use the checklist below to be sure you’ve made a principled selection or to serve as a springboard for dialogue. Click on the link for an expanded version.


Test selection checklist




I have the necessary resources to administer the assessment.
I have the necessary resources to score the assessment.
The assessment’s intended purpose matches my purpose for assessing.
The assessment is appropriate for the language skills I want to assess.
The assessment is appropriate for the age and proficiency level of my student population.
The assessment results will be used as intended by the developers.
I have thought through the possible impact of the test and I think it will have the effects I want for students, teachers, the school and the program.



Click here

for a Test Selection Checklist.