Module 4: Validity
What should Pramukta think about?


1. What information does Pramukta want to know?

Because Pramukta is evaluating the effectiveness of the city’s foreign language program, he may want information on the proficiency levels attained by students.  In addition, he may also want to know about achievement in the skills his program targets.

Pramukta would also want to consider what skills his district emphasizes.  If the foreign language program emphasizes communicative ability, he may want to find a test with a speaking section.

2. What decisions might be made based on this information?

The test results will be used as part of a program evaluation.  Test results may be used to make decisions about the effectiveness of foreign language instruction in the city and may guide future revisions to the program.  The results of the test will also provide feedback to parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the community about students’ progress.  Finally, the results may help Pramukta gain additional funding to expand the program.