Module 4: Validity (screen 1 of 4)

Introductory questions

  1. What do I want to know about my students?
  2. What types of tests are available?
  3. Which language skills do I want to test?
  4. How can I use the test results?

An introduction to the principles of test selection

Module 4 focuses on purposes for testing and possible uses for test results.  You will take an inventory of assessment needs and identify test types appropriate for many different situations.



Identify various purposes for testing.

Understand how the results of tests can be used.






Focus on............... Purposes and Validity

When choosing a test, first think about what you want to know.  Next, consider how you will use this information.  After defining your needs, see if your purposes match those of the publisher.  This way you are more likely to get the information you need about your students and apply it fairly and productively.