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Foreign Language Teaching coverReport from the National K-12 Foreign Language Survey

Learn more about the survey and read the executive summary.

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FL Survey Snapshot Brochure (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Download a brochure of preliminary results of the elementary school survey.


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National K - 12 Foreign Language Survey

Survey LogoMethodology and Other Details

Who was surveyed?
A stratified random sample of more than 5,000 public and private elementary and secondary schools across the country received the 2007-08 foreign language survey. The sample consisted of schools selected from the U.S. Department of Education’s NCES 2005 Common Core of Data (CCD) Public School Universe File and the Private School Universe Survey (PSS).

School Type

Elementary Schools

Secondary Schools











What do the surveys look like?
CAL developed separate questionnaires for elementary and secondary schools to collect information on enrollment, amount of foreign language instruction, type of foreign language offerings, foreign language curricula, teacher qualifications, and reactions to national reform issues.

View Sample Questionnaires
Elementary Questionnaire (543 KB, PDF) Adobe PDF Icon

Secondary Questionnaire (582 KB, PDF) Adobe PDF Icon

How was the survey administered?
Respondents had the option of completing the survey on a traditional paper and pencil questionnaire or an online version accessed through the Internet. Respondents received a cover letter with the survey with information (including login ID and password) about the option to complete the Web version. Prior to mailing the survey to the schools, a courtesy information packet consisting of a cover letter and information copy of the questionnaire was mailed to the superintendent of each district, along with a list of schools in their district that have been selected for participation.

What were the stages of the survey?
The mailout of the questionnaires, to be completed by the principal and/or foreign language department chair/foreign language teacher of each sampled school, was conducted in October 2007. Those schools not responding by the October 31, 2007, deadline received a follow-up mailing in early November 2007. Telephone, email, and mail follow-up to nonrespondents began in December 2007. Data collection was completed in June 2008.

What was the response rate?
The response rate was 76%.

Could schools volunteer to participate in the survey?
The survey was sent to a statistically-valid stratified random sample of public and private schools that is representative of all schools in the nation, so it was not possible to participate unless the school has been selected in the sample.

When will there be results?
Preliminary results are now available (see below) and final products will be available in summer 2009. Final products will include a comprehensive report, an executive summary, and a brochure with key findings.

Download our preliminary results brochure from the elementary school survey (PDF, 1.6 MB) and Fingertip Facts flyer (PDF, 168 KB).

More information?
For more details on the survey, please contact Dr. Ingrid Pufahl, Survey Coordinator or Nancy Rhodes, Survey Director.

Meet the CAL Survey Team
The CAL Survey Team worked from October 2007 through June 2008 to gather responses to the survey from public and private schools.

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