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Czech is the national language of the Czech Republic and is spoken by 12 million people worldwide (Lewis, 2009). It is spoken throughout the Czech Republic, in regions known as Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The west Slavonic language is very similar to other Slavic languages such as Slovak, Polish, and Sorbian (Ager, n.d.). Spoken dialect variations within the Czech Republic include Central Bohemian, Czecho-Moravian, Hanak, Lach, Northeast Bohemian, Southwest Bohemian (Lewis, 2009).

The Czech Republic experienced heavy emigration around the years of World War One, World War Two, and between 1948-1968, which spread the Czech language to countries such as Austria, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Croatia, Australia, Canada, and a large population in the United States (Kučera, 2001). In the year 2000, 1,262,527 Americans identified with a Czech heritage, and 441,403 identified as Czechoslovakian (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000).

Czech language schools and classes exist across the United States because of the efforts of Czech heritage language speakers to preserve the language spoken by their ancestors. While opportunities to learn the language in formal programs are limited, there is a Czech-speaking population that is making efforts to keep the Czech language alive.

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